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Seat and guide work:

Full service cylinder head center



Harley Head Work

Our Harley's M8 ported heads, getting ready for our propritary valve 

Job. These things will flow 360-375 CFM without increasing the cross sectional area of the port. That means high velocity (High cylinder fill) which equals TQ. We get 40-50 more CFM from the intake port over stock.


(Flat TQ across the entire RPM range with the right cam and pipe). That brings the HP way up as well.


We spent months developing this port design and valve seat profile using wet and dry flowbench testing. Velocity is also balanced which improves fuel distribution and cylinder fill.

Shown here is a set of our Twin Cam Harley heads featuring Ferrea 1.94 intake valves and Manley 1.6 Exhaust. AV&V springs retainers and bronze guides. Combustion chambers finished to 83cc.


These heads flow north of 280CFM (@28" H2O) while maintaining high high airspeeds, which produces flat TQ from 2000 on up.

Ported S&S Top Fuel head. Extensive welding was done in the Ex. ports to make this bike a serious contender in top fuel Harley.

Finished product: These flowed 375 cfm Intake and 240 cfm Ex at @28". These are on one of our customers' Nitro drag bike that we sponsored.


Testing a Small block Chevy head that we ported for a local racer here in Dallas. This head was very good to start with, we made it significantly better with some very minimal re-shaping in the bowl area.

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