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Kawasaki Triple Machine Work



The original Kawasaki Triple King; My good friend Tony Nicossia.

(You're still the King in my book Tony!)

 Two-stroke performance

Kawasaki triples have a special place in history as well as here at MCE Performance. Pictured above are some of the Triples I have done engine work on.


I have been tinkering with these beasts since the early 70's. My good friend Tony Nicossia, is legendary, (that's putting it mildly) in the world of Kawasaki triples. I followed Tony from my early teens in the 70's to present day. I now have the honor of being friends with Tony, he a great guy and a gracious host.


I was insipred by Tony since the early days of Denco and later he founded TNT. In the late 70's, I was doing performance porting for my friends that had H2s and H1s. They used to literally embarrass my Z1-900 in the quarter mile. All I could do is watch those three smoking pipes fading off into the distance, leaving me in the blue haze.  I couldn't take it any longer!


From that point on, I was hooked on these simplistic monsters of a death machine. I've been providing ported cylinders and heads for these beasts for 40 years! Yeah, I guess I'm old enough to know better. That's why I have a DynoJet 150 to test on rather than ride these deathtraps on the street. lol


100 Horsepower H2s are no problem for us. We can build a Kawasaki triple that will criple the competition.





MCE Performance H2 heads.


We machine these high squish combustion chambers to match  the specifications of your engine and state of tune. Allot of others don't bother to weld up the chambers before machining them. This leads to less than ideal chamber shape and/or volume. Welding the chamber edge allows for a proper squish band while maintaining the correct overall volume. 21cc race heads are shown here, but we can make them as large as you need to keep the compression where you want it.

Welded Kawasaki H2 Heads


We re-inforce (TIG weld) these heads BEFORE they are machined. They crack if this is not done and you have to throw them away. Fixing them is after the fact is just not practical.


These heads are TIG welded with 4043 on the inside edges. This prevents cracking and ensures your heads will last as long as you do. (They will crack if they're not re-inforced) We now use the latest alloy (4943) which is much stronger than 4043 but is still highly resistant to cracking. 

H2 Stage III Intake



H2 Stage III Intake mod. The flange is milled flat which shortens the runner and allows a straight shot into the crankcase using a large manifold or reed cage to be fitted. 



This manifold works to shorten the intake runner. We make these to fit 34-44mm carbs with the Stage III mod shown above.

Engine Case Motor Mount Repair

These engine cases are getting hard to find. And, when you want to keep the numbers original, fixing them is the only option.


This 1972 H2 engine case that was badly damaged from running it with the bolts loose. Bount holes were wallowed out and cracks were present.



The following pictures show the steps taken to repair this case.



This is what the repaired mounting holes look like.


It's as good as new and the owner got to keep the origional engine case for that bike.

H2/H1 Offset Sprocket




Kawasaki H2 Offset front sprocket. 


NLA: No longer available.

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