MCE Performance (MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)
MCE Performance(MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)

Dyno Tests:

103 stock TB and my "budget" head package. They wanted 100 HP, we gave them 110+HP and 120+TQ, on a budget! 1.86 intake valve 1.575 Ex. New springs, stock guides.


These are great 'bang-for-the-buck' heads!!! Larry Buie (Bikes by Buie) assembled and tuned it. We were all impressed, especially with a stock TB (which I did a little work to). Bigger TB would have picked it up on the top.


This is another 103->110 conversion we just finished. Fully prepped MCE 103 heads; 1.95 Intake, 1.610 EX valves. TMan 585, True duals. Tuned at Bikes by Buie in Parker Texas.


Heads Only comparison, (nothing else) 17HP/20TQ before it was even tuned.

80 CI EVO, SE11, V&H propipe. 1.9/1.6 street port EVO Heads. 


You have to examine the numbers on the scale to the right. (The printed numbers on the

"before" run got skewed from that spike).



Dyno test of a 103 with an S&S 110 drop in kit, 10.4:1 compression, TMan 585 cams, D&D Borezilla and a set of our high velocity 1.95" valved heads. Notice the flat TQ this thing delivers. This motor makes 100 ft/lbs right off idle and produces 120+ flat TQ all the way on up to 129/129. This is text book power delivery and it gets great fuel economy. The heads are tailored for a heavy bagger, Two up riding.


110 conversion with MCE Performance ported heads, 10.4:1 Compression, D&D Fatcat and TMan 590 cams. Tuned by Jason Clasquin at CNS in St. Louis. Jason knows his stuff!

This is my 95CI Dyna. MCE Ported and tricked out heads. KB Dome pistons. 


DME590 cams, D&D FC and a CV Carb!


113/107 not bad for a cobbled together motor. It only took me 3 years to get it done! LOL. Special thanks to Larry Buie for assembling and testing it.

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