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This is one of my favorite topics. Do you ever find yourself saying: "If I only had a tool for this"?

I say that allot and when I do, I stop what I'm doing and make it!


Below are just a few examples of tools that I made out of necessity or was just too impaient to wait until I could buy something. In most cases, you can't buy these tools. You HAVE to make them.






FlowBench cylinder adapter (Sportster)

Raw hunk of 6061 ready to start cutting on.

Machining this hunk of aluminum. Just cut away everything you don't need and leave the part you want to keep! lol


Finished product, ready to put into service.

Finished product inuse on our SF600 FlowBench. I don't get allot of sportster heads, but they do come in from time to time. A customer was kind enough to donate the junk cylinder that this head is sitting on.


Ready for testing! These flowed as expected (Awsome CFM numbers and very nice and uniform velocities) These are making great power on Scott Weber's drag bike. 


Harley Twin-Cam Torque Plates




Custom made Twin-Cam Cylinder Torque Plates


Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum with factory Harley studs and bolts used to fasten them.

Here are the torque plates in action. We bore and hone with these plates in place. They simulate the distortion caused by tightening the head bolts.


They are then precision honed in a temperature controlled environment with Sunnen honing equipment.


This machine is designed to do ONE THING - bore cylinders. Some shops attempt to bore cylinders on a lathe. That's just plain dumb, RUN AWAY!

Kawasaki H2 Cylinder Removal Tool



Ever had trouble pulling a cylinder off of a Kawasaki Triple?


Of course you have. This puller plate is used in conjunction with a porto-power 4 Ton ram. Yeah, it pulls the most stubborn cylinders off with ease and without damaging the cooling fins!


These cylinders are getting scarse, so saving them is more important than ever.

Piston wrist pin puller.

I made this puller to remove stubborn wrist pins from Kawasaki triple motors. It worked so well. I made one to work on Harley pistons.


This removes wrist pins with ease and without damaging anything. Bearings and pistons are much happier using this thing.

Severe Duty Valve Spring Compressor Build



I needed a severe duty spring compressor to dis-assemble Top Fuel S&S and BBC Heads. So I had to make this thing just for that job, and it's come in handy for just about any other head with mammoth valve springs on it.


Here are the parts used for the spring compressor. A good quality C-Clamp, Short piece of 2" bar stock, flat bar and round bar. The 2" bar stock was turned down and milled to make the spring retainer adapter. The pictures below show how I made it.




Turned down and bored a hole in the center.




Milled out the window openinings.




Adapter completed.Just need to TIG weld it onto the C-Clamp. (309 Stainless TIG used to join these Two parts)

Finished Product - (Removes BBC Roller Valve Springs)

Flow Bench Valve opener

Flow Bench Valve opening tool. This is much nicer than the Micrometer version of this; It's faster and readout is easier to see when opening valves on the Flow Bench.


These sell for something like $170. This one cost me about $35 for the parts. 

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