MCE Performance (MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)
MCE Performance(MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)


I spent nearly Thirty years in the Telecommunications industry as a software design engineer and airborne information systems specialist.  Previous employers include: Nortel Networks, Alcatel, Genband, L3 Communications and Van Halen Airlines.


I travelled throughout the United States, Europe and Asia putting out fires on high profile communication systems. But my real passion has always been performance engines.


Internal combustion engines have always intrigued me. I got my first engine in the early 60's when I was 7 years old. In 1974, while still in High School, I got an internship at a Dodge dealership working in the engine shop. That's where I got my start doing cylinder head work.


I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting and working with the late Joe Mondello. Joe and I became friends, and was my mentor early on. I attended Joe's cylinder head and engine building schools in Van Nuys Ca. and Crossville Tn.


More recently, I have been colaborating with another great mind; Darin Morgan. Darin runs the cylinder head development program at of Reher-Morrison racing engines in Arlington, Tx. 


Darin's Advanced Induction Systems Training (AIST) and cylinder head porting seminars are best in class. He breaks down the complex math as well as showing you how to apply it.


Darin has been a tremendous source of information. A great guy, awesome teacher and a good friend.


I'm very fortunate to have studied and workrd with these Two great minds. Without Joe and Darin, I wouldn't have made it this far this quickly. I highly recommend Darin's AIST seminar. Weather you're a seasoned vetern, or just starting out, the seminars are well worth it.


I'm also skeptical of people that think they already know everything, because those that 'know everything' can't learn anything! (Nobody knows everything) I've been doing  this for over 45 years and I'm still learning. It's what keeps me coming back for more.


Myself and the god of induction system design,

Darin Morgan.


Thanks for all your help Darin!


(My heads are kicking ass) 

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