MCE Performance (MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)
MCE Performance(MChalmersEnterprise Inc.)

About MCE.

MCE was founded and incorporated in the state of Texas in 1999. We are a performance motorcycle machine shop. Cylinder head and induction system development is what we specialize in. 


As a former engineer, I'm no stranger to technology. Tools from Motion, Reher-Morrison, Performance Trends and SuperFlow are used for cylinder head development. 


BetaTesting done In-house on our DynoJet chassis dynamometer. Most of our customers have their own Dyno however.


My customers primarily consist of Harley dealers, Independant shops, manufacturers and racers. We also do heads for individuals on a limited basis. 


What seporates me from the masses? 


I spend an inoridnate amount of time experimenting and trying different things,. For over 45 years, I've been doing this for fun. My real job was a Systems Engineer and Software designer. It paid well but it wasn't my passion. Now that I'm semi-retired, I get to persue what I want to do. And that's make engines more efficient to go faster!


Performance Engines; That is my passion. My mentors included Joe Mondello (rip), and Darin Morgan. Those Two taught me how to apply the math I studied in engineering school to practical applications in cylinder head and induction systems.


In the past, my work primarily focused on the old factory cast iron (automotive) heads. That was the only thing that was available at the time. We had to work with what the factory gave us. Most of it wasn't very good by today's standards.


Fast forward:

The factory stuff has gotten much better, the aftermarket stuff is better yet (at least the automotive stuff is). There's no comparison to what we had to work with 30 years ago vs. now.


I made the switch to motorcycle heads because they're more managable, bikes are a much more 'user friendly' development platform than a car, and the dyno is smaller. I chose to work on Harleys because I like em and I ride one every once in a while.


Most factory Harley heads are mediocre at best and most of them suck. With the exception of the M8. Those are pretty good but they can be made into the "VERY good" category with minimal effort.


The production TwinCam and EVO heads are not very good but they have tremendous potential. With some port work and a proper valve job, they're better than the after market (Screaming Eagle, S&S) heads are. (Way better) 


Allot of guys come up with porting that works half way decent and they stick to it because it works (kind of). They're in it to make money. That's fine, I get that, but I'm not in it to make a living. I'm retired, so I do this because it's fun. I enjoy the challenge.


I spend inoridnate amounts of time doing R&D because I'm an engineer, it's what we do! The gratification of producing the best cylinder heads is enough of a reward. I know that may seem odd, but I'm odd! So it makes perfect sense if you think about it. lol


I publish test results and examples of my work. I don't publish everything but I try to cover the stuff that I think is noteworthy. I don't see any of my competotors publishing their flow bench results.



Thanks for visiting! Feel free to make suggestions or requests for specific tests and I'll try to accomodate you. If you have something you want tested, send me an email and I'll do my best to get you fixed up. You can also find some of my test results on facebook under "MCE Performance".


Thanks for stopping by,


- Matt

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